Meet Alain Lemay, Founder Architect


“We weren’t born yesterday. In 40 years we’ve built our reputation as a design and architecture leader on ethics and integrity. Our greatest source of pride has been building lasting relationships with our clients, clients who have stayed loyal to us and grown with us.

It takes solid materials to build something strong. Our teams of designers, architects, and technologists work together on the visible and the invisible, with the same eye for detail from start to finish on every project. That’s what you call a solid team.”

-Alain Lemay

Interview with Alain Lemay

Q. Does being solid leave any room for doubt?

A.L. Insecurity is part of my DNA, and I can live quite happily with it. I’m one of those people who believe that doubt feeds creativity, that it helps move boundaries and make sure we never take anything for granted.

Q. Has your definition of beauty changed in 40 years?

A.L. Not a bit! For me, beauty is anything that unsettles. It touches us inside, without us really being able to explain why.

Q. What is LemayMichaud’s greatest strength?

A.L. Its interest in people as individuals. We work for and with people to create beautiful environments that are truly alive.

Q. How big a part has luck played in your success?

A.L. Success is closely related to the effort we put into realizing our dreams. But there are also people we meet along the way. Meeting Jacques Gauthier (Groupe Restos Plaisirs) was a turning point. He was one of the first to put his trust in us. Not to mention Donald and Peter Simons (La Maison Simons) and the Germain family (Group Germain Hotels). You could almost say that the story of LemayMichaud is a series of family histories.

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