For its Ottawa offices, Accenture has settled on two floors of a building previously occupied by an online business.

The mandate was to redesign this space to meet Accenture's needs while preserving the original character of the building and reusing, with a focus on sustainability, the already present high-quality materials. 

As biophilia is at the core of the company's fundamental values, Accenture wanted to integrate numerous plants into its new spaces. These green additions are cleverly integrated into the visible construction elements, such as the green wall installed in the reception area, creating a visual impact upon arrival.

A thoughtful and functional integration

Premium components, including bronze panels, cork flooring, and existing galvanized zinc walls, were carefully modified to breathe new life into this space.

The spaces are redesigned to reflect Accenture's brand image through thoughtful and functional integration. Structural elements serve as a backdrop, with skillfully intertwined touches of colour, patterns, and shapes. Collaborative spaces are designed to foster interaction and creativity, while private areas are arranged to ensure privacy and focus.

Accenture's identity is omnipresent, from corridors to meeting rooms, thus creating an immersion in the company's vision and values. Rest areas, with soothing and modern colour touches, offer environments conducive to relaxation.