Distinction Sourire Clinic - Charlesbourg

Quebec City
Spa, Health & Wellness

A clinic at the forefront: contemporary, vibrant, and expressive.

The Distinction Sourire clinic in Charlesbourg offers a modern, dynamic, and expressive environment, combining a warm atmosphere with cutting-edge technology.

It stands out with its bold red accents, skillfully integrated throughout the space to echo the clinic's branding.

The consultation room of the clinic stands at the center of the space as a strong visual element. The bright red glass walls add a distinctive touch to this otherwise white-filled space.

In the reception area, a burgundy wall adorned with graphic elements reminiscent of tooth shapes warmly welcomes visitors. Light flooring and wooden slats bring texture and softness to the environment.

The rest of the clinic adopts a clear and minimalist approach, favoring abundant light in all areas.

The space configuration intuitively guides visitors, optimizing in-clinic client experience, focused on comfort and confidentiality.