Club Sportif MAA

Graphic design

A grand, sophisticated representation of the club's 140-year heritage and new mission was a key objective when designing the interior murals for Club sportif MAA.

The three-storey building retains its original facades, as well as its bas-relief stone crest, the Winged Wheel. This symbol inspired the development of the visual identity, in an approach that links the history, innovative strength and modernization of the club. Two visual elements are merged: the initials MAA and the wings.

The interior graphics also reflect this link between the past and the future. Their graphic treatment follows the graphic gesture of the logo, using vertical and horizontal screen effects to match the new brand image. The treatment was applied to a dozen archive photos, chosen to tell MAA's story in images: the M.A.A.A. clubs, the competitions and its athletes. These altered photographs create a fresco that highlights not only the history, but also the architectural quality and aesthetic appeal of the premises. To complement the visuals, a number of historical quotations were chosen to enliven the images and bring the characters to life.