Deloitte Quebec City

Quebec City
Graphic design

Aimed to implement Deloitte’s “workplace of the future” vision, the concept aimed at developing a strong identity for its Quebec City office.

The inspiration behind the concept

Québec City is located at the St. Lawrence Estuary, where all the energy of the St. Lawrence River is channelled. It is that same energy that has defined the topography of the city and that also testifies to the geological history of the region. When wandering through Quebec City, travellers go up and down, climbing hills and stairways, the latter connecting the different neighbourhoods to one another.

Over time, these stairways have acquired a significance that goes well beyond their functionality. They have become iconic heritage elements that have shaped the urban landscape, creating links between upper town and lower town, a passage between historically wealthy and working class neighbourhoods. They contribute to the way the city is known and inhabited by its residents. And they create great perspectives and points of view.

Applying the concept in the graphic environment

This link, translated by a schematic interpretation of the numerous stairways of the city, can be found in different forms through graphic interventions.

Triangles regrouped in a way to evoke ice debris seen on the St. Lawrence River, printed on the printed films, also offering the desired degree of intimacy in the conference rooms. These shapes also energize a selection of local archival photographies, which add life and history to the spaces.

The user’s spatial orientation and circulation was analyzed and shaped to optimize travel and space recognition. In addition to the signage location planning at key decision points, it was also necessary to ensure that this intervention was consistent with the brand’s standards and philosophy.