Deloitte Summit

Graphic design

The forces of nature and The idea of going beyond one’s own limits were the foundations of the environmental branding concept and wayfinding strategy for the Deloitte Orbis Vancouver office project. Implemented in a building whose architecture offers multiple observation points on its environment, the creation process was guided by the geological features surrounding the city and the desire to celebrate local biodiversity.

Through the narrative approach “A journey to the Summit”, each floor introduces itself as part of the Mountains anatomy, like its own ecosystem

A global wayfinding strategy has been established to help understand the overall structure. Inspired by trail signs, a graphic system has been designed to identify levels, as well as to add value and imagery to the storyline. A total of nine symbols have been designed: the bedrock, the ocean, the forest, the bridge are just a few examples. These semi-abstract symbols have been integrated in the elevator lobby area, on intimacy privacy films and on some wall coverings, adding personality to the space while creating ambiance.

On all work and client floors, a multitude of environmental graphics help identify locations and atmospheres. With the use of illustrations, photographic montages, and patterns, a fair number of artworks were designed by LemayMichaud to help cohesively convey the overall concept of the project.

Each work floor is meant to be explored and discovered. In terms of wayfinding, directional signage helps to locate oneself and guide in the most appropriate way to destination. Particular attention has been paid to the concepts of accessibility signage to allow the best possible clarity in terms of sign perception and circulation ease.

Design Architect : Arney Fender Katsalidis
Architect of Record : Omicron
Branding and Wayfinding (concept and execution) : LemayMichaud

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