Multinational high-tech company - Edmonton


The concept for the interior design of this 10,780 sq. ft. corporate space in the heart of Edmonton played strongly on the contrast and duality of the spaces to be created - between public for the clients and private for the developers. Edmonton's geography and topography, the North-Saskatchewan River and the surrounding nature, as well as the four seasons that bring them to life, were at the heart of the concept.

Where nature meets technology

Viewed from the air, Edmonton's topography offers an aesthetic that may seem at odds with most North American cities: intersected by the North-Saskatchewan River, the urban landscape stands out thanks to its organic allure, while the rural landscape is marked by a grid-like structure. These elements were used in turn throughout the project, guiding the design choices made in the various spaces.

The concept also called for nature to be strongly imbued in these offices, each room of which is unique. The key to the work was to strike a balance between technological evolution and the organic landscape of the metropolis. The duality of the two spaces was also exploited in the application of the concept, with the customer spaces presenting a style filled with elegance, while the employee spaces are more vibrant.

Our mandate also included a signage component, which was developed in parallel with the interior concept, allowing for the harmonious integration of all its components. LemayMichaud also acted as artistic advisor, calling on aboriginal artist Jason Carter of the Little Red River Cree Nation to create two custom murals.