Multinational high-tech company - Edmonton

Graphic design

Part of the mandate for the high-tech company's new offices was the programming of signage and the production of environmental graphics. In harmony with the interior design concept for the space located in the heart of Edmonton, the key to this work was to find a balance between technological evolution and the city's organic landscape.

Where nature meets technology

Viewed from the air, Edmonton's topography offers an aesthetic that may seem at odds with most North American cities: intersected by the North-Saskatchewan River, the urban landscape stands out thanks to its organic appearance, while the rural landscape is marked by a grid-like structure. Used in turn throughout the project, these elements guided design choices for the spaces, both for signage and interior design, which were developed in parallel. Neon signs, the structure of the bridges and nature were also used as nods to the city.

Intuitive circulation through distinct environments

Strategically placed in the environment, the signage elements in the guest areas are interpretations of the shapes of the steel beams of some of Edmonton's iconic bridges. Added to this are bas-reliefs on the walls of the reception and work areas, reminiscent of rural landscaping. Finally, a sign marks the tone of the Hub space, adding dynamism while harmonizing with the quadratic grid found throughout.

An inclusive artistic collaboration

LemayMichaud also acted as artistic advisor, calling on aboriginal artist Jason Carter of the Little Red River Cree Nation. Sculptor, illustrator, painter and public artist, Carter created two murals, the first in a guest lounge and the second in a workspace. With their energizing colors, these works filled with symbolism aim to create interaction with the public, whether through curiosity about the subject or a puzzle-like installation.