Galeries de la Capitale - Food court

Quebec City

Relocation of the food fair and revitalization of the common areas

The redevelopment and expansion of the main food court at Galeries de la Capitale entailed the demolition of several rental and commercial suites, as well as a complete curettage of the existing food service area. A significant amount of fixed furniture (benches, tables, bar area) was integrated into the project, as well as a lounge area with a built-in fireplace.

Fifteen concessions were then built along a vast, luminous seating area overlooking the Galeries de la Capitale's large open-plan space. The 35,500 sq. ft. facility includes dining and relaxation areas, sanitary facilities, concessions units and kitchens, and a generous communal wash bay.

Given its proximity to an amusement park, great care was taken with the acoustics of the space to ensure the comfort of its users.

To fill the space left by the now relocated food fair, a dozen commercial premises have been redeveloped on the ground floor, close to the mall's central courtyard.

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