Le Bedeau

Quebec City

Le Bedeau is an upscale restaurant/wine bar housed in a 1,830 sq. ft. space in a 1960s building. Its playful concept is inspired by Quebec’s ecclesiastical heritage. In fact, the name refers to the person in charge of accompanying members of the clergy during ceremonies, notably during the service of mass wine. Without putting the emphasis on religion itself, the idea is rather to pay tribute to the local heritage, in relation with the type of cuisine offered.

After a complete renovation of the premises, along with a partial refurbishment of the building’s façade, signs and marquee, the interior transports the visitor into a setting that plays with the symbols, shapes, and textures that one might find in a religious building. Every detail has been designed to give the visitor the same feeling of wonderment experienced when entering a church.

With the help of genuine salvaged pieces of furniture incorporated into the interiors, the room is subdivided into several small areas, each offering a different décor and features to be admired. These include the crossing of a confessional leading to the bathroom and a starry sky that can be contemplated from the mezzanine. Some elements are majestic, such as the outline of the mezzanine, reminiscent of organ pipes, or the large cellar with confessional screens, both of which add a magical touch to the atmosphere and catch the eye from St-Jean Street.

All the finishes and materials were carefully selected to be in keeping with the chosen theme. They range from the wall panels with ogee shaped details, to wood moldings and terrazzo effect flooring, to the marble tables and light fixtures in brass finish, all the way to the vinyl wall covering that is subtly reminiscent of wine stains left on a table after a great meal. The lighting is intentionally muted, almost candlelight, inviting the visitor to sit back and enjoy an extraordinary experience, in communion with the space.