Marché Vieux Port

Quebec City

LemayMichaud was part of a multidisciplinary team whose goal was to develop a proposal for a public market in the ExpoCité’s commercial pavilion in Québec City. Presented by the Marché du Vieux Port, in association with the City of Québec, this project was the brainchild of a panel of experts: the Coopérative des Horticulteurs de Québec (growers coop), chef Arnaud Marchant from Chez Boulay Bistro Boréal, Desjardins Marketing Stratégie, J-EM Événements, Gestev, Université Laval’s Faculty of Business Administration and LemayMichaud Architecture Design.

Presented here are the images developed for this Grand Marché concept, designed to adapt to ever-changing demand. The new site is intended to be not only a farmer’s market, but also propose a permanent retail space, with convivial and contemporary food courts, public gathering places focused on visitor’s experience, and so much more. A unique and engaging project, lively and vibrant all year round.