Appointment of new partners at LemayMichaud


The architecture and design firm of LemayMichaud is proud to announce the appointments of Judi Farkas, Jérôme Henné, Marie-Christine Baillargeon and Pierre-Alexandre Davignon as new partners.

“We are fortunate to be able to count on employees who are skilled and dedicated to the success of the company, and we felt it was right to acknowledge their efforts with these appointments,” explains Alexi Lemay, partner architect at the Québec City office.

“These appointments reflect LemayMichaud’s desire to ensure a competent and dynamic succession, as well as a continuous development in the sectors of activity that have built its reputation since 1979.” says Jean-Marc de Grandpré, partner architect at the Montréal office.

Jérôme Henné

Jérôme is one of those rare architects who distinguish themselves by their great creativity while remaining attentive to the various pragmatic constraints of a project. A member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec with 22 years of experience, he joined the firm LemayMichaud in 2011 as senior designer. Jérôme continuously demonstrates his great imagination through the development of original concepts, which have the remarkable quality of standing-out while also being harmoniously integrated in their environment.

He has worked for commercial projects such as Place Sainte-Foy, La Maison Simons, residences such as the Residence de Mérici, the Residence de l’Esplanade and several private residences; hotel projects such as Château Mont-Sainte-Anne, Le Germain Hotels, and restaurants including Pacini Restaurants and Café-Boulangerie Paillard.

Judi Farkas

Judi has been a member of LemayMichaud’s team since 2006. Architect with 23 years of experience, member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec, she graduated from McGill University in 1994 with a Bachelor degree in Architecture. In addition to her extensive experience and her in-depth knowledge of the development process of quality architectural projects, she has a strong sense of leadership, is extremely rigorous and has a proven talent in project management. These qualities, strong assets in a project manager, also bring value to any project under her direction and make of Judi a key member of our management team.

She has worked on the projects of: Cours des Arts in Ottawa – a mix-use project that includes a hotel and condominiums; the residential development of Pointe-Nord in Nun’s Island that includes Évolo 1’s The Pavilion and Town Houses, and Tour Évolo 2; the hotel and condominiums part of the Grenville Germain Complex in Calgary; the hotels Le Germain Maple Leaf Square and ALT Toronto Airport; as well as various Mamie Clafoutis bakeries.

Marie-Christine Baillargeon

Marie-Christine has a vivid imagination and is always abreast of the latest architectural trends. She possesses a vision that allows her to quickly anchor a project in its social, cultural and financial contexts. Marie-Christine knows how to quickly assess the users’ perception of a building, which leads her to come up with simple design solutions that are attractive to both users and building operators.

Over the years, she specialized in the design of commercial, residential and institutional buildings such as the Hôtel Le Germain Charlevoix, La Maison Simons, Lavery, Cochon Dingue restaurants, Auberge Port-Menier, Tour Fresk and various private residences, and in interior design on various projects Architect, member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec, she joined the team in 2005.

Pierre-Alexandre Davignon

Pierre-Alexandre is a methodical and dedicated architect who attaches great importance to the production of quality work and to his clients’ satisfaction. A valued team member, he is greatly appreciated by clients and colleagues alike. His training in commercial sciences and management science / S.I.G at the University of Ottawa enhances his managerial skills, used both to the benefit of the firm and its projects.

Member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec, Pierre-Alexandre has worked as an architect for a few years before joining our firm in 2014 as project manager. He has led and managed major commercial projects such as those for Square One in Mississauga, for Galeries de la Capitale and Place Sainte-Foy.

LemayMichaud is a team of 100 skilled architecture and design professionals based in Québec City and Montréal, qualified through the execution of thousands of projects and united by a common passion: to build its clients’ dreams.

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