Meet Alexi Lemay


“Some say we really have our nger on the pulse. We’re clued in about the latest trends, we’ve mastered the newest technologies and 3D modelling software, we know all about the most recent environmentally friendly materials, and we like to be one step ahead to rise to every challenge… So, yeah, you could say we have our finger on the pulse!

At LemayMichaud, we have a boutique perspective on innovation. Ultimately, we’re always looking to enhance experiences using technology. If you ask us, being innovative is all about zooming into the future… and knowing when to come up with a fresh, contemporary take on the past. In design as in architecture, we like to put our best foot forward.”

– Alexi Lemay

Quick chat with Alexi Lemay

Q. Are you the team behind the boutique hotel concept?

A.L. We were the first to develop the concept in Canada with Group Germain Hotels twenty years ago. And the idea of a highly personalized experience quickly became a reference for others.

Q. Is concrete back in again, thanks to you?

A.L. Absolutely. We’ve used prefabricated concrete panels for four La Maison Simons stores now. Motif and texture make for a very contemporary product that can tell a story, too.

Q. Is being innovative more expensive?

A.L Not at all. To keep costs down, we came up with prototypes for the Alt Hotels rooms using prefabricated elements. The chain’s innovation has made comfort and design affordable.

Q. Do you work with augmented reality?

A.L For 10 years now, we’ve known every in and out of Building Information Modeling. It lets us come up with 3D models for even the craziest ideas.

Q. Do you sometimes feel behind the times?

A.L I have three kids—the oldest is five—who were born in the Internet age. What gets me is seeing how these new technologies are such a big part of their lives.

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