Iconic Awards 2018 – Innovative Architecture


Grouping hundreds of projects from around the world, the Iconic Awards 2018 – Innovative Architecture highlight the best achievements in architecture and design. Organized by the German Design Council, this competition focuses on showcasing quality and innovative architecture and design.

OSM – La musique aux enfants

We led the team of professionals for the implementation of “La musique aux enfants” project, a program created by the maestro Kent Nagano and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. The goal of the initiative is to offer intensive music learning to preschoolers in Montreal’s diverse communities. The installation, located in the basement of École Saint-Rémi Annexe, is divided into three different areas for music learning: one for individual rehearsal, one open and bright space for group learning, and one for performances. All areas offer optimal conditions for learning music and an acoustic environment worthy of professional installations.

LemayMichaud is happy to have been able to work on this inspiring project and to see it recognized internationally.

Photos : Raphaël Thibodeau
Photos : Raphaël Thibodeau


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