A page is turned at LemayMichaud!

Together, they total 42 years as partners at LemayMichaud, the number of years the firm has been in existence to date. Coincidentally, and symbolically, we could not have found a better time to announce the retirement of three of our partners.

Jean-Marc de Grandpré, Alain Morin and Pierre Lagueux have handed in their hard hats at the end of 2021, after 14 years with the firm’s management.

Appreciated by all, colleagues and clients alike, they have left a remarkable mark on the office, both professionally and personally, during our weekly meetings and our Christmas parties. We can only wish them a pleasant and well-deserved retirement!

On the occasion of their retirement, we would also like to highlight their involvement and achievements within the firm, but above all wish them much happiness in their new life as retirees! We take this opportunity to pay tribute to each of them through the voices of their colleagues.


When we asked his colleagues to talk about Jean-Marc on the LemayMichaud Day in October 2021, they replied “How long have you got?”

A graduate of the Université de Montréal, Jean-Marc worked for several Montreal firms before joining LemayMichaud in 2007.

Early in his career, he joined the firm Desnoyers Mercure, where he contributed to several major projects such as the Université de Montréal’s mathematics pavilion, for which he was architect in residence during the construction phase. Having greatly learned from that experience, he still speaks of it with pride today. He subsequently founded his own architectural firm with partners Anna Mainella and Alain Morin, named De Grandpré Mainella.

Viateur Michaud, founding partner of LemayMichaud, had met Jean-Marc and his two partners before they started their business and a collaboration with the firm was already well established when, in the early 2000s, Mr. Michaud planted the idea amongst the trio of joining LemayMichaud. In 2007, Jean-Marc became a partner.

From the start, Jean-Marc quickly showed himself to be a great team player, methodical, available, and always in a good mood!

” He is a hard worker who never seems overwhelmed, who is always ready to help, who is involved and well respected “, testifies Valérie Soucy.

During his 14 years in the Montreal office, he has been involved in many large-scale and significant mandates for the firm, such as the learning facilities for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra’s La Musique aux Enfants program, a pro bono project that was particularly close to his heart, innovative corporate mandates such as that of Deloitte, the revitalization of large shopping centers such as the Eaton Centre, and the implementation of the first Time Out Market in Canada.

Appreciated by his collaborators for his expertise, he was equally appreciated for his personality. His colleagues attest unquestionably to his great leadership skills and sensitivity, which helped the team grow on a daily basis.

“Over the years, how many times have I sat in his office and asked him for advice on everything from life to work, and he has often told me his mother’s motto: Have you done your best: if you did your best, everything will be fine. I’ve been saying it to myself ever since, and I know he does as well,” says Anne-Marie Bouliane, partner architect.
“Jean-Marc, on behalf of all of us, thank you for being a mentor, for teaching us to trust ourselves,” concludes Anne-Marie.

In a partnership with Jean-Marc de Grandpré before joining our firm, he became a senior partner in 2007, as soon as he arrived at LemayMichaud. Alain was, above all, a hands-on person. An architectural technologist, he was responsible for the technical studio at 742 William Street, ” the studio’s dad “, as his colleagues liked to say, and a teacher of the LemayMichaud school gifted with great pedagogy. He was always there to guide, advise, listen or congratulate. Alain is a LEED accredited professional who wore many hats in the office: project manager, head of the firm’s technical team, in charge of the production of drawings and specifications as well as interdisciplinary coordination, site supervision, code analysis and compliance with building regulations.

Having always shown great ingenuity in finding technical solutions on his projects, he has also never missed an opportunity to share his knowledge with co-workers or the next generation of architectural professionals.

His career has been marked by significant projects that were close to his heart, including several for La Maison des Greffés and the Alt Hotels in Saskatoon and St-John’s. Throughout his career, Alain has also had the opportunity to work on several mandates for the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec and Hydro Quebec, as well as on revitalization projects in downtown Montreal.

We will remember his years with the firm for his pedagogy, his patience, his ability to bring people together, his cheerfulness, but also his ring tone, which left a lasting impression!

“Thank you for your ring tone, a kind of motorcycle start-up noise that commands respect… especially during site meetings with contractors. Without even saying a word, you were credible!” Laurent Dieval said with amusement during the LemayMichaud Day.
“Thank you also for being an outstanding coach. I learned a lot from you, and I owe you that. I have learned the ins and outs of contract administration with you on several projects. You have been my true work buddy” he added with emotion.


Pierre Lagueux joined LemayMichaud in April 1989 and became partner in 2007, at the same time as Alain Morin and Jean-Marc de Grandpré. He established himself as a bonafide living encyclopedia in the Quebec City office. Moreover, the many sketches hanging on the wall behind his desk confirm without a doubt that he was a methodical and meticulous architect!

“We drew plans by hand, bent over our drawing table with a parallel ruler and a try-square that stuck to masking tape… We experienced the blueprint machine that reeked of ammonia, the age of fax machines, the invention of the computer, AutoCad in its DOS version, the arrival of the Internet, and cell phones… In short, we have very specific universal knowledge that we must pass on to the next generations,” testifies Kevin McCandless of the times and events that have marked Pierre’s career at LemayMichaud.

With a calm and pragmatic nature, Pierre was an unparalleled resource for his colleagues, capable of breaking down each problem into steps, to gradually design the desired solution. His organizational skills and precision, as well as his coordination skills, made him a highly appreciated collaborator by his colleagues and clients throughout his career.

His experience at LemayMichaud is filled with outstanding projects, such as his last collaboration on the new CNESST head office, several projects for La Maison Simons (Old Quebec, Laval, Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke), the Complexe Desjardins in Montreal, the Centre des congrès de Québec or the Hôtel Musée Premières Nations in Wendake.

Now enjoying a well-deserved retirement, Annie-Claude Gilbert, designer and partner, underlines the mark left by Pierre Lagueux on the office:

“His innate pedagogy gave him the ability to teach a large group of people the necessary rigor needed for the execution of a well-made plan, and the beauty of the finest details, but also that there are solutions to every situation. Pierre has always had a reflective and grounded vision that is very inspiring to new coworkers. Thank you, Pierre, for all that you have given us!”

Many thanks to all three of you and happy retirement!

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