Ciel! Revolving Bistro-Bar

Quebec City
Graphic design

Mural concept for Ciel! Bistro-Bar Tournant

Developed in conjunction with the restaurant's interior design, LemayMichaud created a show-stopping mural!

The mural, which totals 470 feet, is made up of a multitude of texts culled from archives of the Bonne Chère and Bonne Table* sections, as well as from the LemayMichaud** recipe book.

Smile-inducing quotes stand out from the background, such as one that can be translated to: "When my glass is empty I pity it, when it's full I empty it."

The wallpaper, which is installed on the "core" of the restaurant, which remains stationary. In contrast, the dining room is constantly in motion, rotating fully once every hour. The mural thus becomes a show, punctuating the gastronomic experience that is offered by the restaurant.

* Le Soleil newspaper articles published in the 80s and 90s covering Quebec's gastronomic and food service industries.

** Recipe book developed by LemayMichaud in 2002.