Deloitte Montreal - 11th floor

Graphic design

Executed in 2018, the development of the office spaces located on the 11th floor of the Deloitte Tower had already been planned to accommodate the expansion of the professional services firm’s Montréal team. Still developed according to the Agile method and its four pillars: collaboration and teamwork, productivity, innovation and agility, these new work spaces add 22 600 square feet to the existing offices. Deloitte also requested environmental graphic design and wayfinding strategy services from LemayMichaud.

“Collaborating to Reach New Heights”

Through the concepts of collaboration, technology and perseverance, a graphic narrative was integrated throughout the spaces, in the form of printed murals and other graphic interventions. Photomontages of hands interacting together, fragmented glimpses of mountains and archival images of Montreal scenes bring the spaces to life while harmonizing with the concept of interior design. The use of the zig zag shape evokes the action to ascend, recalling the schematized stairs symbol.

Wayfinding Strategy and Signage Location

In an office space of 22,600 sq. ft., the user’s spatial orientation and circulation was analyzed and shaped to optimize travel and space recognition. In addition to the signage location planning at key decision points, it was also necessary to ensure that this intervention was consistent with the brand’s standards and philosophy.