Deloitte Quebec City

Quebec City

Aimed to implement Deloitte’s “workplace of the future” vision, the concept aimed at developing a strong identity for its Quebec City office.

The inspiration behind the concept

Quebec City is located at the St. Lawrence Estuary, where all the energy of the St. Lawrence River is channelled. It is that same energy that has defined the topography of the city and that also testifies to the geological history of the region.

When wandering through Quebec City, travellers go up and down, climbing hills and stairways, the latter connecting the different neighbourhoods to one another.

Over time, these stairways have acquired a significance that goes well beyond their functionality. They have become iconic heritage elements that have shaped the urban landscape, creating links between upper town and lower town, a passage between historically wealthy and working class neighbourhoods. They contribute to the way the city is known and inhabited by its residents. And they create great perspectives and points of view.

These perspectives and points of view have been observed, deconstructed and reconstructed, not only in terms of shape and form but also for what they symbolize: a link. It is based on these perspectives that we have created a motif that has been used throughout the project. The palette of finishes for the main floor is inspired by the color of the upper town: the green of oxidized copper roofs, the gray of stone buildings, the blue of the river seen in the distance. The lower town inspired the lower floor palette: the ochre and earth tones of painted buildings, the orange of the battlements’ stone.

In terms of space distribution, the layout had to address Deloitte’s request that the office be able to accommodate receptions and that the work areas integrate different types of installations, for individual and collaborative work alike, developed in accordance to Deloitte’s established standards. The cafés, located on each of the two floors, present specially developed murals that evoke the history and the built heritage of Quebec City, and the energy of summer concerts held on the Plains of Abraham.

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