Villa des Gros Pins

Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Québec)
12 000 sq. ft.

Timeless comfort

A unique single-family residence designed to truly appreciate the surrounding nature and the terrific views of the Saint-Lawrence River. Spaces, materials and lighting all allow the landscape to take centre stage. The house was designed to accommodate the entertaining of large groups with its outdoor scenery, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor dining areas as well as the generous living spaces and luxurious guestrooms. The spectacular views can be enjoyed from every room of this magnificenthome, and outdoor spaces are given as much attention to be able to enjoy different ambiences to suit the time of day or season.

Custom nature

The incorporation of green roofs helps enhance the outdoor views from every angle, giving a sense of serenity throughout the space. The home exterior was designed in a contemporary style, with a linearity expressed with horizontal wood louvers, long metallic cladding proportions as well as an ultra-slim brick. Special attention was given to the quality of the materials to ensure durability and beauty for a long time to come.

The use of noble materials creates an atmosphere of timelessness, with mostly natural stone and wood dominating throughout. The collection of art accumulated on the client’s many travels also had to be carefully considered when laying out space. The interior spaces flow easily from one to the other, with the selection of materials limited to just a few so that the home feels coherent, allowing for the surrounding views to play a dominant role in the space.

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